Adult Nutraceuticals

Recovery & Prevention:  We can support your healthy new lifestyle! 



Marijah McCain - World Class Naturopath


A 3 month program-$78 each month


1. Detox the liver and kidneys so they will be effective at filtering toxins and your blood


2. Use natural antimicrobials for low-grade chronic health depleting infections


3. Rebuild the immune system using nutritive support and supplements


1. DETOXIFYING - 4 WEEKS on the HERBAL HEALER 4-HERB TEA. (You can also use ESSIAC™) The 4-HERB TEA with added Dandelion will help your body rid itself of stored toxins. It will aid your liver in proper function, offer nutritive support for your blood, help stabilize the pancreas and boost your immune response. The dose - 2 oz. 2 times a day. ASPARAGUS Extract - Kidney and Spleen support. 1 package daily. B-100 COMPLEX - 3 capsules daily. Anyone with arthritis or muscle stiffness must add CAL/MAG/VIT. D LIQUID. - 2 teaspoons a day and 2 capsules of SEA CUCUMBER.


2. ANTIMICROBIALS - 4 WEEKS of the COLLOIDAL SILVER 500ppm - 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water once per day. This product will kill off harmful virus, bacterial and secondary fungal infections. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT - anti-microbial - 2 capsules daily for 30 days. While you are killing off the harmful pathogens, you will need to do a Colon detox using the COLON ENHANCER. This is easy, just a few capsules daily. The Colon Enhancer will aid your colon in safely removing the toxins, so that you do not get toxemia. This is very important!

***If you are prone to constipation use the SUPER II All Herbal Laxative daily to keep things moving! 


3. REBUILDING - You will need to detox parasites - INTESTINAL FREEDOM. 100 mg. of HHA COQ10 ENZYME per day. This will aid your immune system, strengthen your heart and circulatory systems and make you feel better. Also you will take 1 or 2 ounces of HHA COLLOIDAL MINERALS in a little fruit juice. This provides you with 70 essential colloidal minerals, which are the foundation of good health. NUTRIBIOTIC® GSE CAPSULES PLUS is a broad spectrum antimicrobial. Plus, our HHA ONE DAILY vitamin which provides you with not only the necessary vitamins, but also the digestive enzymes necessary for proper food assimilation. Natural foods free from nitrates, pesticides, and food colorings is essential, as all these additives strain the organs and can weaken your body.


Nutraceuticals is a broad umbrella term that is used to describe any product derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. They can be considered non-specific biological therapies used to promote general well-being, control symptoms and prevent malignant processes.


Adult Nutraceuticals