"Me Meditate.." Update

I lead you wrong. Well just a bit. You see I was further along in my meditation journey than I confessed. I wanted you all on board with me and believed it best to start at the beginning. With the breath. I hope some of you are practicing already and maybe even consider yourself as a person who values the benefits of meditation. I also hope some of you got started on your journey where we last left off in 'Me Meditate..".

The Update: If you seek a deeper breath start by breathing out for as long as you can, and the inhale will take care of itself. If you want to stay with the breath for awhile, practice breathing into different parts of your body. Breath into each arm to the fingertips, do the same thing in the legs to the toes, through the chest and into the organs, into the back and up into the head. Be sure you have the time undivided and sit with your back straight up.

Experienced? Try guided meditations. Eckert Tolle. Dr. Joe Dispenza. The good news is you don't have to completely silence your mind- a very difficult style of meditation. You can meditate on ideas that strengthen you to live a more spiritual life. I don't know that we can separate meditation from a spiritual plane. In other words, meditation is an access point to your spiritual self. I encourage you to continue along this evolving journey with me.


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