Locked and Loving It - Freedom Wash!

It took me awhile to write this post because its not very interesting, to put it plainly. Having Locs means I could wash my hair daily.. but why would I want to? I'd be left with wet hair. No fun. So I find this to be a once a week event. Not really an event but it's definitely an intention. I use Honey Lane's African Black Soap Shampoo, after learning that regular shampoo strips my hair and leaves it dull. I finish with a Honey Lane Hair Conditioning Mask. The daily use, not the Intense Moisture. That's for a treatment and it takes more time because you have to add heat. I rinse with cool water and apple cider vinegar (feels great on the scalp) and if I'm really feeling it I'll boil a little Rosemary herb and let it cool and rinse my hair with that. Scent divine and also feels great on the scalp. I dry my hair with a T-shirt.

Here's how having dredlocs makes wash day an intention. I have to let my hair dry completely before I twist it. Once my hair is dried to about .. 90% (most of the day), I use a protein gel to twist it. I finish off with a light oil, like coconut or grapeseed oil. Then I let it dry to 100%. It takes a long time to dry. Blowdrying makes my scalp itchy a few days in, so I avoid it.

I told you it wasn't very exciting! How does this compare to your wash day routine? Are you locked and loving it??

Next I'll post on how I twist my hair.


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