Live Authentically with the help of Nature

Bring Creation Indoors and Inside With Essential Oils

Essential Oils work to influence more than just your sense of smell. While the sense of smell creates and recreates emotions, receiving the vibrationally charged essence of a particular plant through the nasal passages into your physical tissue acts to energize your intentions and assist you in bringing about a change in your energetic field. A change in your energetic field brings about a change in your environment. Think about a walk through nature, a rose garden, a hike, a city park, your favorite flower. Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize the sights, sounds, smells of your last natural get away. Undoubtedly there was a sense of calm and peace, perhaps even joy that came over you. The longer you were able to enjoy it the less stressed you felt. Perhaps you've sought to bring that life affirming goodness into each day. Crossing the river of change going from the old self to the new self requires a leap of faith. Believe in affluence as your natural state! Goodness flows to you- be open to receiving it! Design your Future. Essential oils can help and the scent is just the beginning!

Plant Parts and Energetics

Fruit: Getting unstuck physically & emotionally. Look to the future with clarity, hope, joy and freshness.

Flower: Matters of the heart. Physical and emotional suffering. New growth, joy, passion for life and matters of the heart.

Leaves, Needles, Twigs & Grasses: Respiratory system. Assist in moving, breathing deeply- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Wood/Trunk: Resins, protective and supportive. Healing emotional wounds. Strong and solid skeletal.

Roots: Grounding, anchoring, supportive, centering and sedating. Ancient spiritual prayer, meditation, deep emotional wounds, suffering in the body. Assist in releasing deeply programmed old beliefs.

Seeds: New ideas, Reproductive System, Personal power, New beginnings and digestion.

(Courtesy of Still point Aromatics)

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