Hyaluronic Acid & Joint Pain

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Is it the water here, in the South? I thought to myself. I recall noting the fact that I didn't feel any achyness in my joints on a recent trip to Canada. Is it something in my diet? We have to go back to Spring Water, I tell my husband. The tap filter is not the best.. I see the residue it leaves on the water fountain.

I'll get to the bottom of it. Hyaluronic Acid may get to the bottom of it. You see, as we age we lose certain stores of 'nutrients' that we had in our youth. Hyaluroinic Acid is a lubricant that reduces friction. It is found naturally in the body, particularily in the fluid between joints, and as part of Collagen- which supports the skin. What- What?? Lubricated joints and firmer skin. I'm all in! I'm holding a 3 month supply bottle. It's from Pureclinica, and it touts being 'The Strongest & Purest Available'. Is this at the bottom of it? Stay Tuned for the update!! I'm headed out for a run-walk.

Stay Well, Keep your immune system 'ON-Guard!"

One Love

Update June 22/20

Love it!! My skin looks better. The lines in my forehead are gone. I feel better with more of a spring in my step. Knees My hair looks great! I'm happy to be supporting my body this way! I'm sure it hasn't been 3 months but my supplement line up will continue to include Hyaluronic Acid!

One Love,

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