Coily, Curly & at times down right Crunchy- Spirit- Hair

These days I'm in LOVE with my hair. Why, you may ask?? I've finally gotten a routine down that cares for my hair and makes it look great on a daily basis! I've changed my hair many times. Relaxed, Natural, Bruck Down, always Pinned Up, Helmet.. you know all the terms.. oh yeah and one that makes me laugh, 'Thirsty.' Some of these were intentional styles, others not at all. Well, thirsty Hair no more! Rather I hydrate daily and avoid the thirst before it kills my hair. My Locs are well on the way to 'bra-strap' length. I spritz them with Rose Water, or Lavender Water, or Rosemary Water in-between wash days. I seal, or lock in that moisture (water is the ultimate moisture-izer) with a natural oil like Coconut Oil. Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Jojoba Oil are extra great on my ends. Coconut Oil gives me the softest and shiniest all over seal. Ladies be sure to adorn your locs with a silk scarf if your routine is before bed. These days I Love my hair. Most importantly it Looks Great. Does your hair reflect your spirit - or do you wish you could change it? Remember the next time you see someone with GREAT HAIR, it isn't an accident. For sure they have a routine that works.

What's your routine?

"Wash Dazed & Confused No- Longer" Routine to follow!!

One Love,



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