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What am I getting for the price?

When you purchase products from Honey Lane Healing Lifestyle you can rest assured that you are providing for yourself the cleanest and most naturally sourced, energetically charged, and fresh products on the market today.  Honey Lane Healing Lifestyle products are small batch made especially for you.  Honey Lane Healing lifestyle products are toxin free & organic. Far superior to chemically laden products.  

Tell me about the Soap

Our Bar Soaps are hand made and personally cut. They are made fresh to order, with only natural ingredients. Infused with Essential Oils and Botanical Ingredients, or Naturally Unscented.  They are Cured, Toxin Free and Ready to Invigorate your Senses.

 How long do your products last?

Honey Lane Healing Lifestyle products are loved by those who use them. Most are potent and only require  minimal quantities. The products are made for consumption, yet have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years.  Certain Oil based products are stable for much longer. 

How do I know how to use certain products? 

Herbal Remedies have few cautions and are generally received well. Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbal tonics build up the system from a nutritional base. It may take several days to start feeling the most beneficial effects of the herbs.  Know that you are not just masking symptoms but treating the underlying cause of  imbalance.

Look out for and attend Wellness Sessions at Honey Lane Healing Lifestyle.  

Come into the Shop to learn more about your specific condition and how we can help.
Do Not Use if Pregnant or Nursing 

Keep Soap Dry between uses
Do Not Use if the product is not received well by your body

Do Not ingest or use Essential Oils internally

CBD Oil certificate of analysis available  upon request ( leave a note at checkout in the comment box & it will be included) 

Consult a Naturopath, Chiropractor or Medical Doctor for advice on your specific condition

Thank-you so much for your interest in building Gaffney's healing community.  It is our sincere desire to be of service to you! For more information, please come, call or email!

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