Where Are The Health & Wellness Shops?

Born in Jamaica, I was raised in Ontario, Canada. Growing up My Mother used herbs and natural remedies for our childhood ailments.  Following in her footsteps I developed a love for botanical herbs and an understanding of natural remedies. When I moved to South Carolina I noted a lack of Health/Wellness shops that are common place in Ontario. Years of studying, earning certifications and creating herbal products led me to open a small shop that sells Toxin Free, Chemically Clean Wellness products. Helping you acheive Overall Health (spiritual, mental, physical) is my business, helping you learn about the daily use of natural remedies, my passion!


We supply all natural Soaps, Castile and Hand Crafted Soaps. Natural Oils like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Black Castor Oil- these are excellent for hair and scalp treatments. Toxin free Skin care butters like Shea and Cocobutter. Essential Oils and ways to use them in the home. Fine Quality Men's grooming products. Potent High Quality Supplements backed by scientific research. Dark Cocoa Chocolate, Organic Honey, and Maple Syrup, and a fine selection of Organic Tea (from a great Canadian Tea company)... Beeswax and Soy, clean burning candles. If you are interested in taking your health into your own capable hands, we are here to assist you!